Workshop Series: Drones and 3-D Modelling


We are really excited to be putting on the first in a series of student-led workshops on computational topics. This one will be about drones and 3D modeling, and will be conducted by our very own Keegan Millbern! Come learn about drones, eat some snacks, and see some beautiful 3 Dimensional images!

The workshop will be held Thursday, February 28, at 4:00 PM in the Watzek Classroom.

Our conductor, Keegan Millbern, works in the Educational Technology wing of our IT department (read this as “the people who have all the cool toys”) and has been a huge part of the drone initiative on campus. He’s also done extensive work with 3D imaging, compositing, and modeling, as well as being a huge resource for students doing cool stuff on campus.0

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