Colloquium Series: Medical Informatics and the Electronic Health Record with Isaac Goldstein, ’16


Medical Informatics is an applied research field that seeks to answer questions of interest to medical professionals through computer science, anthropology, statistics, industrial engineering, biology, and many other fields. This talk will serve as an introduction to medical informatics, give a sense of the day to day work of an informatics research assistant, and present research focused on the Electronic Health Record (EHR). EHRs are widely used in the United States for clinical care and billing activities, and their widespread adoption has raised a variety of concerns about their effects on providers and medical care. Results of this research show that EHR usage has increased over time, and that new information and authorship of clinical notes is largely unclear, with consequences for provider burnout, clinic efficiency, patient safety, federal regulations and EHR redesign.

Join us for this exciting ACM colloquium featuring speaker Isaac Goldstein ’16, who works on solving these problems at OHSU. There will be pizza and snacks at 3:30, and the talk will start at 4:00, in the Watzek Classroom, on Tuesday, April 9.

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