Colloquium Series: Unleashing the power of biodiversity data with data science


Biodiversity data can take many forms, from photographs of bird feathers from museums to 3D CT-scans of extinct animals. Natural History Museums and Botanical Gardens have been digitizing their collections for over ten years yielding billions of data points culminating in one of the most exciting data resources the world has to offer. Evolutionary Biologist, Dr. Ciera Martinez, will be speaking about biodiversity data and her work as a current Mozilla Science Fellow. Ciera will be joined by Sara Stoudt, a PhD candidate in Statistics and soon to be doing data journalism at the LA Times this summer.  Both are data scientists at the Berkeley Institute of Data Science where they have spent the last year working as a team exploring what the world of biodiversity data has to offer.  You learn more about this project at In addition to talking about their biodiversity data project, they will speak about data science in academia, data science blogging, and will host a brief workshop on how to use biodiversity data. 

The talk will be hosted by Ciera Martinez and Sara Stoudt, from University of California, Berkeley.

Join us in the Watzek classroom, on Wednesday, April 17th, at 3:45 for pizza and at 4:00 for the colloquium.

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