Journal of Student Research: Call For Papers


Our call for papers is out:

The ACM student chapter is putting together a mini peer-reviewed journal! If you’d like to learn how peer reviewed research works, and possibly get a sort of “mini-publication” to put on your CV, keep reading!
The ACM Chapter is accepting short papers about computational topics. Some good possible topics include but are not limited to:-

  • class projects you are particularly proud of
  • Individual projects you’ve worked on outside of class- Novel algorithms or other computational methods
  • Just any CS thing you’ve done that you’re proud of- Hackathon Projects

If you’d like to be a peer-reviewer (the reviews will be double-blind) please contact the club.

If you want to write a paper, make a copy of the following template and write in it. Leave in the bold headings:

Submit your paper through this form:

Papers are due May 3rd, and authors will be notified of acceptance/rejection on May 6.

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