Featured Student: Joy Zeichick

Featured Students

This schoolyear’s first ACM featured student is Joy Zeichick!

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Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies

Minor: Computer Science
Hometown: Chico, CA
Main interests: Theater, photography, books

What project or experience (in computing) are you most proud of?

Teaching kids Python and Lua coding this summer!

What’s some advice you have for other computationally minded students?

Ask for help from your peers! It’s a hard time out there all alone.

What has been your favorite course at LC?

Rhetorical Theory with Mitch Reyes

What’s your favorite thing about CS (or math) at LC?

The CS community is the bomb.com.
(Editorial note: Be careful on external websites.)

If you could re-do all of your experience with computer science, would you do anything differently?

Nope! I’m happy where I am.

What’s your favorite programming language?


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