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Course of Study: Computer Science major
Hometown: Bainbridge Island, Washington
Interests include: Art, Illustration for the Pioneer Log (LC student-run newspaper), French, Plants 🙂

If you could re-do all of your experience with computer science, would you do anything differently?

Probably start earlier! I took a CS class for fun my sophomore year when I was still a biology major- and realized that it was what I wanted to do. I’ve been pretty dedicated to getting all my classes done for the major and kind of wish I had been able to space out some of the harder classes.

What’s your favorite thing about CS (or math) at LC?

The small class sizes. I really appreciate the connections I have been able to make with professors and other students.

What has been your favorite course at LC?

Education 205. Usually this course is taught by professors who come from the education department at the graduate campus, and I recommend it to anyone interested in teaching. I found it is a great indicator if you aren’t sure if you want to pursue teaching as a career. Either you come away from the course inspired and ready to do more – or you decide it isn’t for you and you simply have a better understanding of how your own education has formed you.

What project or experience (in computing) are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the work I did with Jens Mache during Rogers Summer Research in 2018. My research group went to a conference in Las Vegas (CSCE’18) to present the work we did on password cracking. It was my first time working in a purely research field and I loved getting some experience at the conference. It definitely broadened my horizons.

What’s some advice you have for other computationally minded students?

Don’t be afraid to get involved – talk to your classmates and professors, see what kinds of opportunities are available for you to go further. 

What is your favorite programming language?

C for sure.

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