Featured Student: Anna DeSmet

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Course of Study: Computer Science and English

Hometown: Sonoma, CA

Interests include: Reading, writing, video games, guitar, hiking, cooking 

If you could re-do all of your experience with computer science, would you do anything differently?

I would map out my classes instead of what I did (taking classes at random, whatever was available each semester). I didn’t realize that some classes would be offered twice while I was at LC. For a few others (mostly Graphics), I wish I took them later in my college career, when I had more experience. 

What’s your favorite thing about CS (or math) at LC?

It is also a weakness, but I really enjoy the small CS staff because I was able to get to know almost all of my professors well. It made taking classes with repeat professors more fun. 

What has been your favorite course at LC?

As difficult as it was, Graphics was an incredibly rewarding class because my hard work could be seen in really cool ways. I also loved AI & Machine Learning because of the ideas and topics we covered. 

What project or experience (in computing) are you most proud of?

Last spring I did an independent study to learn Unity, a game design engine. The “game” I ended up with was terrible and incomplete, but it made me really excited to try making video games in the future. The class solidified an idea I had before, that video games is the perfect medium to combine my two majors: English via storytelling, CS via the game design itself. 

What’s some advice you have for other computationally minded students?

Stick with the classes if you feel like you don’t belong, or if it seems as though everyone is more experienced than you. I learned throughout the years that many of the CS students struggle with the same problems I did. And eventually, you’ll get that experience.

What is your favorite programming language?

C or C# might be my favorite because they were two of the first languages I learned and might be that languages I have used the most. But Java and Python both have special places in my heart. 

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