PioHacks 2018

On the weekend of December 1st, 2018 Lewis & Clark’s 1st ever hackthon took place.

Teams competed to create something that fell within the theme “Social good and accessibility at Lewis & Clark”

Here are our top 3 winning teams!

1st place: The Furless Wookies
Team members: Stephen Baker, Quinn Vinlove, Jiangyifei Zhu, Ross Miyabuchi
Project: LC Events app on Android!

2nd place: The 3 Breads
Project: Bon Onion Rater
Team members: Linus Brogan, Mattie Gallagher, Paige Myers, Cole Nakashima

3rd place: U.S.S. (Uniqlo Soiboi Sqwad)
Team members: Travis Welch, Roshan Bhatia, Casey Yamamura
Project: StudyBuddy, an alternative for students for forming study groups and communicating with professors

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