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Submit a Workshop Proposal

Workshops are student-led activities or talks, relating to a student’s experience or interest. We try to host student workshops close to weekly. Please design your workshop so that someone with an interest in computing but not much experience (think first-year CS major) can get something out of it. If your workshop is selected by the review board, you will be contacted about scheduling a time for your workshop. To submit a workshop, please use the link below:

Submit a Colloquium Proposal

Colloquia are held a few times each semester, and are longer-form (45 min to an hour) lectures/speeches given by people with interesting experiences or backgrounds in the field of computing and technology. Examples of ideas include professors from other schools, interesting people from the industry, or LC alumni with relevant experience. To submit a colloquium proposal, use the following link:

Nominate a Featured Student or Student Project

We like to show off students and student projects quite often. If you’ve noticed a student or a student project on campus that you think deserves a bit of publicity, please fill out this form:

Submit Another Idea

If you have another idea, please email it to the club at

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